Pueblo Tires & Service Co-Founder Has Passed Away

Nov. 16, 2023

Mary Joyce Carter Ivey, who founded McAllen, Texas-based Pueblo Tires & Service with her husband, Charles Ivey, has died.

Born in 1935, "she worked tirelessly with her husband, Charles and sons, Carter, Jeffrey, and Richard, through the years to impress upon them accountability and good management practices," according to Pueblo Tires & Service officials.

An innovator, she "committed herself to setting up the accounting system and the first computers of the growing company."

Mary and Charles were "very involved in the tire industry" and were awarded the Texas Tire & Auto Association's Tire Dealer of the Year honors.

"This is in addition to her numerous interests, including her voracious reading, music and worship ministry, raising six children and helping to run a farm in El Paso County, Texas."

 She is survived by Charles; her sons; her daughter, Mary Elizabeth; and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.