KTI Introduces Stronger Q-Bond Adhesive

Oct. 26, 2015

K-Tool International (KTI) has added more adhesive and reinforcing powders to its Q-Bond kit QB3 (Part No. KTI90005).

The expanded QB3 kit contains:

* 6 bottles (0.35oz/10ml) Q-Bond Adhesive;

* 2 bottles Black Reinforcing Powder for Plastics; and

* 1 bottle Grey Reinforcing Powder for Metals.

The company says the ultra-strong adhesive changes from liquid to solid in 10 seconds.

Besides the liquid adhesive, there is a two-part system which utilizes the liquid glues combined with powders to create unique reinforcing and filling capabilities. It’s used to fill in breaks, cracks, holes and gaps in plastics and metals. The repairs can then be grinded, filed, sanded and even painted to regain their original shape.

For more information, visit www.ktoolinternational.com.