SUREVALVE expands to Midwest distribution

March 7, 2012

P/W Valve Co. LLC has announced an alliance with P 413 Sales Co. to expand the market for the SUREVALVE Safety tire valve line.

The expansion will take place through tire dealers in the Midwest focusing primarily on Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

P 413 Sales Co. says its staff has 40 years’ combined sales and marketing experience. The P 413 Sales Co., led in its efforts by Mike Koehler, will serve as the exclusive, independent representative of SUREVALVE and will also be implementing its advertising and social media campaigns.

P/W Valve Co. says SUREVALVE is the only tire valve in the world that will not leak air even if sheared. It is the only multi-patented and safe aftermarket tire valve line available anywhere.

SUREVALVE is a Nickel-plated brass, clamp-in tire valve with the primary air-sealing valve core located inside the wheel. The slightly-scored, replaceable breakaway component provides the second air seal; a valve cap – if desired - provides even a third air seal. This level of safety is unrivaled by any other tire valve.

“I know this product will save lives and have a reduced environmental impact in comparison to traditional rubber valves,” says Rhonda Koehler, principal of P 413 Sales Co.

For additional information contact Mike Koehler at [email protected] or [email protected], or by phone at (614) 581-7701.