New PIAA premium flat wiper blade line

April 10, 2012

PIAA-USA Corp.’s Si-Tech Flat Silicone wiper blades are designed for all season performance. The new premium flat wiper blade line features advanced silicone blade technology and a frameless design that delivers maximum wiping capability and streak-free performance, says PIAA.

The Si-Tech Wiper Blade incorporates PIAA’s patented silicone technology, which continually reapplies an active silicone coating on the windshield to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

The Si-Tech blade series program is offered in a variety of sizes with coverage for up to 98% of all vehicles. The Si-Tech Flat Silicone Wiper Blades sizes include: 16 in. (400mm), 17 in. (430mm), 18 in. (400mm), 19 in (475mm), 20 in. (500mm), 21 in. (525mm), 22 in. (550mm), 24 in. (600mm),and 26 in. (650mm) sizes covering 98% of all vehicles.

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