Trico promotes wipers on ‘American Idol'

April 20, 2012

Trico Products is expanding its advertising activities to drive consumer demand for TRICO wiper products.

The company says it will continue to integrate television, radio and online media to promote the brand. Television ads will appear on all four primary networks, including such highly rated programming as Major League Baseball, “American Idol” and “Two and a Half Men.”

TRICO is also increasing the availability of its full line of premium performance products at major automotive retailers and service shops across the U.S. and Canada. Many of these retailers will be featured in the advertising, directing consumers on where to find TRICO wiper products.

“We have learned that more and more drivers are demanding high performing, reliable wiper blades that keep them in control,” said Kevin O’Dowd, global director of marketing, corporate branding and strategy. “Providing maximum visibility in any weather condition is our expertise, so we are sending a powerful ad message that drivers can rely on TRICO when it counts.”

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