Meineke Focuses on Transparent Auto Repairs

Dec. 10, 2019

Consumers want transparency, and Meineke Car Care Centers LLC has created a new advertising campaign to focus on "doing car care right."

The campaign is the result of the latest customer research by the automotive repair franchise. Meineke says its research showed that consumers want transparent customer service — they want to understand the problem with their vehicle and their repair options, and to be free to make their own fully-educated decision in a low-pressure environment.

“One of the ways we’re ‘Doing Car Care Right’ is with Meineke eInspections,” says Jeremy Putney, vice president of marketing for Meineke. “These detailed electronic vehicle inspections allow our car care professionals to have a discussion with customers about any issues with the car so our customers can make informed decisions.

"We have been rolling out the Meineke eInspection system to our centers to provide an even better customer experience. Through a digital tablet-based inspection platform, the car owner receives a detailed eInspection report directly to their email for review. This has been a big step forward and a game-changer for the industry.”

Sam Sa owns four Meineke Car Care Centers.

“The eInspection system is how we inform the customer about the services their vehicle needs, rather than simply telling them. It’s how we help educate customers about preventative maintenance. I can see that Meineke believes that by being transparent, open, honest, and focusing on the customer, you retain customers for life. That is ultimately our goal.”

In light of the consumer research, Meineke has adjusted its branding and begun a new advertising campaign inspired by how people feel when thinking about having their vehicle serviced.

“Research confirmed that customers who need to get their car serviced feel vulnerable when they visit a repair shop,” said Putney. “This insight led our team to the analogous situation of a doctor visit, where a person needs to put trust in a professional to give them good advice when the patient doesn't really understand what the doctor is doing. Meineke's transparent customer service is how we help our customers feel informed, in charge and relieved to have chosen a Meineke Car Care Center for their repairs. That's why we say ‘Meineke. Doing Car Care Right’."

The ad features a picture of a doctor, and states “Your doctor wouldn’t make unnecessary repairs. Neither would Meineke.”

This fall, as part of America's Best Customer Service 2020 rankings from Newsweek, Meineke earned the top spot for customer service in the automotive repair category. 

“This kind of third-party recognition is a great indicator that the brand is on the right track and that Meineke is ‘Doing Car Care Right’,” said Putney. 

Meineke is actively seeking single-unit and multi-unit franchise owners to expand the brand’s footprint. To learn more about franchise opportunities with Meineke, visit