Monster brand introduces low-profile jack

Feb. 18, 2015

Integrated Supply Network Inc. has introduced its Monster brand MST13001, a 1.75-ton aluminum roadside assistance jack with an ultra-lightweight design.

Powerful and compact, it’s made to lift small to midsize vehicles, according to the company. A dual piston power unit provides fast rising to load. The overload and bypass valves prevent the jack from being used beyond its rated capacity and prevents over extension of ram.

The company says the jack’s rubber saddle padding provides frame and under vehicle protection when lifting. The MST13001 jack complies with ASME PALD/2009 safety standards and has a 2-year warranty on material and workmanship.

The MST13001 jack’s dimensions are:

* low height 3.5 inches; max height 16.5 inches;

* handle length 35 inches; overall length 23 inches; overall width 11.25 inches;                      

* saddle diameter 4.75 inches; and

* net weight 39 pounds.

Monster brand tools are only available for purchase from the mobile tool distribution channel. Visit, the company’s online tool and equipment catalog.