Mahle adds nearly 90 part numbers

July 17, 2015

Mahle Aftermarket Inc. introduced 88 new part numbers in May 2015 for bearings, gaskets, pistons, piston rings, filters, thermostats, valve guides and turbochargers for a range of light vehicle and heavy-duty applications.

New part numbers are available for:

* pistons and piston rings;

* intake and exhaust manifold gasket sets;

* connecting rod bearing sets;

* main bearing sets;

* insert thermostats:

* valve cover gaskets:

* turbochargers;

* o-ring kits;

* intake and exhaust valve guides;

* camshaft circular gaskets;

* air filters;

* oil pan gaskets; and

* thrust washer set bearings.

"Our product line continued to grow in May, as we expand our product line offerings to meet the changing needs of our customers," says Jon Douglas, general manager for Mahle aftermarket North America.

"Expect continued expansions of our product lines in the months ahead."

For a complete listing of new part numbers introduced in May, visit the company’s website.