Right to Repair: 50,000 Massachusetts signatures

Oct. 6, 2011

The Right to Repair Coalition has gathered 50,000 signatures, a sooner-than-expected milestone in its effort to place its pro-consumer initiative on the 2012 ballot in Massachusetts.

The new tally shows consumers are in the final days of delivering the 68,911 signatures needed by Nov. 23, 2011. Signature gatherers are reporting significant enthusiasm on the part of consumers when approached for their support and signature on ballot papers.

The Right to Repair Massachusetts voter initiative would, for the first time, allow consumers to access all the non-proprietary information required to get their cars fixed wherever they choose. The proposed law would level the playing field between the big car manufacturer’s dealerships and independent, neighborhood repair facilities.

“I was glad to be among the first people to get this ball moving forward so I am not surprised that 50,000 more people have expressed their support for Right to Repair,” said Jeff McLeod of Marshfield, one of the original 10 signers of the ballot petition. It’s way past time that consumers should no longer be forced to go to dealerships just to have their ‘check engine’ light turned off.”

In addition to the rapid signature gathering, the Right to Repair coalition’s Facebook page continues to grow daily and now has over 10,000 supporters.

For more information, see Mass. AG okays Right to Repair ballot proposal.