Yokohama To Reveal New Tires and Software at MINExpo 2016

Sept. 13, 2016

Yokohama Tire Corp. isn't sitting on the sidelines at this year's MINExpo. The tire manufacturer is featuring nine off-the-road tires, and also unveiling Y Trax, a new tire data tracking software.

“MINExpo is the largest mining show in the world and is the best place to display our OTR tire line to our customers,” says Tim Easter, director of OTR tire sales for Yokohama. “It only comes around every four years and attracts more than 50,000 top-notch industry attendees.”

Yokohama will display products at booth No. 7371 at MINExpo Sept. 26-28, in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In addition, Yokohama will launch its Y Trax™, a new tire data tracking software. The tire manufacturer will also have three commercial tires on display. 

Among the highlights at Yokohama’s booth are OTR tires:

The all-new R69 L5-S, a 25-inch radial for loaders in underground mine applications;

Three new tread patterns for the Y67 lineup, and a 15-inch bias tire in 24-, 32- and 36-ply for underground mining applications which is created for the smaller, low-seam category. There also will be a 20-inch Y67 on display;

the Y69U, a 25-inch bias tire for underground mining;

the RB42, a 49-inch radial for dump trucks;

the RB42, a 51-inch radial for dump trucks; and

the RL47, a 57-inch radial prototype tire for dump trucks.

Three commercial tires also will be on display:

the 108R, a new SmartWay-verified regional all-position/steer tire;

the MY507, an all-position tire for on-and-off highway logging, cement, and construction operations; and

the LY053, an on- and off-highway drive-axle radial for use in logging and construction, as well as rock and quarry operations.

Y Trax Tracking Software

Yokohama says the software tracks tire performance in any environment for a more efficient operation. Demonstrations will be available to show how it collects and analyzes data to save on operational costs. Y Trax can calculate per-mile and treadlife costs, as well as predict wear and replacement demands. Additionally, it builds a photo history of each tire’s performance, monitors tire-related downtime and eliminates manual record-keeping.

At the booth, expo attendees can compete on a customized interactive soccer game for a chance to win a 2016/17 Chelsea Football Club (FC) jersey. Yokohama Tire is the official shirt partner of the Chelsea FC.

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