Michelin Promotes 'Motion For Life' via Charging Stations

July 26, 2022

Michelin North America Inc. recently took its "Motion for Life" campaign to electric vehicle (EV) owners via Volta Inc.'s network of EV charging stations.

The stations showed Michelin-supplied content on screens, highlighting Michelin's EV products.

Volta's network served as "the ideal platform to meaningfully reach audiences, while positively impacting the environment," according to Michelin officials.

Volta stations are located at grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, entertainment venues and other businesses.

"The strategic location of Volta’s stations in the front of parking lots ensured Michelin’s message reached not just EV drivers, but millions of shoppers who are projected to be EV owners in the future."

“As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, finding unique ways to reach the EV consumer is critical,” says Stephanie Tarbet, Michelin North America vice president of communications, brands and government affairs.

“Working with a partner like Volta has allowed us to share our brand campaign directly with the consumer, providing a highly effective visual of our technological leadership.”