Nokian Brings 2 All-Terrain Tires to Market

Jan. 12, 2022

Nokian Tyres plc is adding a pair of all-terrain tires to serve the diverse demands of CUV, SUV and light truck drivers.

The Outpost line of tires is arriving in warehouses, with 98 sizes available between the two products, but little overlap. Each tire is designed to serve a distinct customer, Nokian says.

The Outpost AT is an all-terrain tire wrapped in Nokian’s Aramid-fiber technology in both the tread and sidewall. It provides durability and protection from punctures and damage across the entire tire. The Outpost AT is designed for large SUVs and light trucks and will replace Nokian’s Rotiva AT tire..

The Outpost APT is exclusively engineered for the North American market, and made for crossovers, SUVs and light trucks. It’s focus is on drivers who want to customize those vehicles with an all-terrain tire, but are also depending on them as a daily driver. The APT, which stands for all-purpose-terrain tire, offers off-road capabilities along with a comfortable ride.

Both tires come with Nokian’s Pothole Protection - a guarantee to replace a tire in its first year if it suffers road hazard damage beyond repair. Both tires also bear the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, and come with mileage warranties — 60,000 miles for the Outpost AT, and 65,000 miles for the Outpost APT.

Steve Bourassa, director of products for Nokian, says the tires “will deliver the next generation of rugged driving, both on and off the road.”

Outpost AT

The Outpost AT will be available globally in 64 sizes, a mix of P-metric and LT-metric, fitting wheels that range from 15 to 22 inches.

Its 3-D tread pattern features Summit sidewalls, or peaks at the top of the sidewall, which provide extra grip when the tire is moving through soft surfaces. Notches in the shoulder provide grip where the sidewall and tread pattern meet. Canyon Cuts, formed where the tread and shoulders meet, provide even more grip in unpredictable conditions, such as snow and slush.

Gravel guards in the tread pattern amplify the tire’s puncture protection by strengthening the bottom of the tire’s deep grooves to prevent stone drilling.

The sturdy structure of the Outpost AT supports high load capacities, making it a good fit for heavy-duty work and recreation applications. The tire also has more tread depth than its predecessor, which should extend tire life.

Nokian says electric SUVs and light trucks will see improved fuel efficiency from the tire’s rolling resistance, which the tiremaker says is 3% better than its competitors.

The Outpost AT tire from Nokian is available in 64 sizes, with both P-metric and LT options.

Outpost APT

The Outpost APT is exclusive to North America, and available in 34 sizes for wheels that range from 16 to 20 inches.

Its sidewall is sturdied by Aramid technology, while the tire’s tread pattern is designed for year-round, comfortable driving no matter the season.

Gravel guards help protect the tire from road hazards, as does the tire’s silica compound. The Outpost APT offers style options, with dual sidewall designs. One features more of a smooth sidewall, while the other is more rugged.

The tire also has Nokian’s driving safety indicator, which helps drivers track how much of the tire’s tread remains.

“Drivers will appreciate the Outpost APT’s adaptability,” says Bourassa. “We have used relentless testing and R&D to deliver a high-octane tire built for ultimate adventure without sacrificing comfort.”

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