Base USA Introduces New Brake Lathes

Nov. 10, 2021

Base USA Corp. (Accu-Turn) has introduced two new lathes -  1115HD and the 1215S - both of which resurface rotors, drums and flywheels.

The 115HD provides "a one-cut finish," according to Base officials.

The lathe enables "quick changeover from disc to drum tools in only seconds" and its design allows for easy adaptation "to all existing and future machine applications."

The drive shaft and arbor of the 115HD are supported by extra-large, tapered roller bearings that operate  in an oil bath so there are "no bushings or old-fashioned sleeves to wear out."

An electronic module measures and controls carriage feed speed. "By varying the torque to the feed motor, a constant feed speed is held. This provides an even finish, even through hard spots and large variations in the surface."

The 115HD comes with an adjustable work light and top tool storage space and "has a complement of brake lathe tooling and accessories available for many special applications."

The 1215S is billed as "an affordable alternative for today's automotive shops" and allows rapid changeover from disc to drum in a matter of seconds. Speeds are pre-set at the factory.

The lathe "runs smoothly with an efficient, belt-drive system" and Base USA includes tooling as part of a standard package. 

The control panel of the 1215S is positioned to provide easy access to  and view of the disc/drum selector switch and feed speed control knob.

"Depth of cut is simple to set using adjustable 'zero' features on knobs and hand wheels. Graduations are shown in millimeters and inches."

"We have the capacity to do on-site training," as well as remote training, for both machines, according to Shelton Riffle, vice president of sales, Base USA.

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