Maxxis Helps Grannis Spread Word About Distracted Driving

Jan. 11, 2023

Maxxis International recently helped Ben Grannis, the founder of Eyes Up Ride - an organization that is raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving - complete an outreach journey across the United States.

During his tour, Grannis interviewed 24 Maxxis-sponsored athletes across 21 states about digital wellness.

The interviews will air on YouTube every two weeks through September 2023.(The first interview - with motorcycle racer Jeremy McGrath - can be viewed here.)

Maxxis kept Grannis rolling by donating RAZR AT tires for his truck, as well as Rambler tires for his bicycle.

"I just hit 1,500 miles on the truck tires," says Grannis. "They're fantastic - super-smooth and fuel-efficient. I've noticed that the fuel efficiency has gone up quite a bit since having them put on. The bike tires are also great. I rode 800 miles on the same set of tires on the Pacific Coast" as part of his tour.

Grannis says the response to his ongoing campaign, which launched in 2021, "has been overwhelmingly positive and there's not a single person who's questioned the mission."

Chris Jenkins, automotive program manager at Maxxis, says Maxxis "is the perfect brand to take the lead in spreading the word about digital wellness and safety. We're all about living life to the fullest, adventure and promoting an outdoor lifestyle."

Maxxis, he adds, has a "responsibility" to "support all of our athletes and encourage everyone to be more aware and to be a safer driver and/or biker."

"When we put the phone down, it's a lot easier to look at the beauty around us, listen to the people we love and live life to the fullest," says Grannis.

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