Porsche Picks Pirelli For Taycan

April 11, 2024

The Pirelli P Zero R and P Zero Trofeo RS will be the only tires available on the Porsche Taycan Turbo GT.

"The first is designed for supercars’ everyday driving, while the second is a street-legal semi-slick tire," says Pirelli & Cie SpA officials.

"Both tires were launched earlier this year and have been specifically adapted, in collaboration with the German carmaker, to enhance the sportiness and efficiency of the vehicle."

Both products also are part of Pirelli's Elect electric vehicle (EV) tire range and will be available in sizes 265/35ZR21 and 305/30ZR21.

Over the years, the Taycan has used a wide range of Pirelli tires, including the P Zero, the P7 All Season, the P7 Blue and the P Zero Winter.

Pirelli officials say more than 30 of its tires now feature Elect EV technology.