Goodyear Adds 4 Tires to Mastercraft Line

April 21, 2022

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has added four tires to the Mastercraft Courser portfolio, including a pair of all-terrain tires for off-road conditions.

The Courser Trail and Trail HD are all-terrain tires made for daily driving. They have raised black lettering on the sidewall, plus these features:

  • Reliable wet braking and handling for dependable all-season performance;
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation on the Courser Trail;
  • Small Noise Barrier Walls between shoulder blocks to help reduce wind noise;
  • Stone Armor Ribs between tread blocks provide robust barrier to stone drilling and rock sticking; and
  • Winter Biters Treads embedded into tread blocks for improved snow acceleration and braking.

The tires are available in sizes that range from 15-inch to 20-inch wheels. The Mastercraft Courser Trail is available in 28 P-metric sizes, and the Courser Trail HD is available in 30 LT sizes.

The Mastercraft Courser Trail is available in 28 P-metric sizes.

The Mastercraft Courser Quest and Quest Plus tires are all-season tires. The Courser Quest fits most passenger cars and minivans, while the Courser Quest Plus is designed for pickups and SUVs of all sizes.

The Courser Quest and Quest Plus include the following features:

  • Water evacuation grooves that offer hydroplane resistance;
  • Enriched silica tread compound for enhanced grip in wet and snowy conditions;
  • Optimized tread profile for excellent traction and reliable handling when cornering;
  • Noise Barrier Walls make for a quiet ride by reducing wind noise; and
  • Reinforced internal construction for more even treadwear across all tread blocks for more miles.
The Mastercraft Courser Quest is designed for passenger cars and minivans.

Available in sizes for wheels from 15 inches to 22 inches, the Courser Quest is available in 23 sizes, and the Courser Quest Plus is available in 46 sizes.

Mastercraft continues to serve a unique need within Goodyear’s multibrand portfolio,” says Michiel Kramer, general manager of consumer product marketing. “Tread life and enhanced all-season performance were important factors when designing our new Courser product lines, giving drivers the ability to handle whatever the day may bring, whether that’s driving off-road with the new Courser Trail or Trail HD, or going about your daily commute with the Courser Quest or Quest Plus.”

The Mastercraft Courser Quest Plus is available in 46 sizes.