Dexstar Wheel Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Aug. 19, 2021

Dexstar Wheel, based in Elkhart, Ind., is celebrating 50 years of doing business, and it is the steel rim and wheel manufacturer for Kenda for North America. It also serves some of the largest original equipment manufacturers and distributors in the trailer and RV industries.

“We are proud to celebrate this significant milestone in Dexstar’s history. For 50 years the company has been known as a premier provider of high-quality wheels, focused on developing products that are geared to industry trends and meet the future needs of their consumers,” says Jeff Pizzola, COO, American Kenda Industrial Rubber. “Dexstar’s dedicated and expert team is the cornerstone of the company’s success, delivering excellence, quality and reliability to customers.”

Dexstar was awarded up to $590,000 in tax credits last October by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation for an expansion project in Elkhart.

“As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we must be anticipating the next 50 years. We are continually expanding our resources, refining our services, and evolving to ensure we have the foundation to continually anticipate shifts in the market, technology advancements, and customer preferences,” says Bill Blumka, General Manager, Dexstar Wheel.

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