Certegy Launches Merchant Virtual Terminal Platform

June 30, 2021

Certegy has unveiled its new Virtual Terminal platform, allowing both in-store and mobile merchants to process paper checks and ACH transactions.

Virtual Terminal provides merchants with the option to leverage either a web browser or mobile device to serve as their point-of-sale register.

“Our Virtual Terminal provides merchants with more choice and the ability to efficiently accept more cost-effective check and ACH-based payments, as opposed to higher fee credit and debit payments,” says Colby Thames, chief technology officer, Certegy.

The company's Virtual Terminal platform enables merchants to process customer-written checks in-store using a web browser and a check reader or in the field, using mobile devices or tablets to capture check images, which are then converted to an ACH for settlement.

Certegy officials say this is especially useful for service-based merchants such as plumbers, electricians, contractors and other field service companies.

The platform also enables merchants to offer and accept a payment installment option by utilizing Certegy’s "Buy Now, Pay Later" solution.