Snap-on Releases Compact Battery Charger

Jan. 20, 2023

Snap-on Inc.'s newest battery charger allows technicians to charge 6, 8 or 12-volt AGM, standard lead acid and LiFeP04 vehicle batteries.

The Snap-on Bench Top Battery Charger Plus EEBC30A12V is housed in a rugged yet compact design with storage for the power cord and charging cables. Bristles secure the clamps in place. The charger can be moved easily and features a retractable hook to hang underhood.

A charger has a large LCD color display to show the user prompts, but it also provides battery status and diagnostic information in up to six languages.

"Performing a multi-stage charge cycle, the unit offers a charge rate of 2, 15 or 30 A (2 or 10 A for LiFeP04) and a stable power mode that maintains vehicle battery voltage during repairs and offsets battery drawdown while the engine is off," the company says.

The unit comes with 82-inch, long reach, copper-aluminum blend 8-guage multi-temperature flex cables with 300 A steel clamps, plus an AC power cord. Both pieces are replaceable, if needed. (EEBC30A12V-CABCLP and EEBC30A12V-CORD).