Blackhawk Goes on the Attack with New SUV, R/T Tires

June 5, 2024

Blackhawk, which offers a full lineup of tires for passenger, CUV, SUV and on- and off-road light truck applications, is further expanding its range with two new, exciting products designed to help you capture more customers.

Manufactured at Blackhawk’s state-of-the-art facilities to the highest standard of excellence and infused with premium-quality Blackhawk technology, the new Blackhawk Agility SUV and Blackhawk Ridgecrawler R/T deliver maximum performance and value.

“The SUV market is the fastest-growing vehicle segment in the U.S., replacing both minivans and many sedans, so the time was perfect to develop an SUV-specific tire,” says Jack McClure, PLT segment manager, Blackhawk.

Encompassing a wide range of SKUs, the Blackhawk Agility SUV delivers optimal traction for confident handling across a variety of road surfaces, supreme comfort and enhanced service life – making it a superb all-around performer for discriminating SUV owners who want to maximize their vehicle’s capabilities without sacrificing the essentials.

Meanwhile, the new Blackhawk Ridgecrawler R/T addresses the exciting and ever-growing rugged-terrain light truck tire segment, according to McClure.

“An eye-catching product with all-weather, 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified traction; a wide footprint; robust sidewalls; traction-enhancing sidewall biters; and deep, 18/32 tread depth, the Blackhawk Ridgecrawler R/T can handle whatever nature throws its way, yet offers all the road manners required for the daily commute,” he says.

“When light truck and SUV owners go off-road, they want a tire that can safely, reliably take them anywhere, while overcoming every obstacle, yet also expect well-rounded performance on the highway. The Blackhawk Ridgecrawler R/T has been engineered, manufactured and vigorously tested to deliver these sought-after performance benefits.”

Like all Blackhawk products, the new Blackhawk Agility SUV and Blackhawk Ridgecrawler R/T are exclusively available through the Tire Alliance Groupe (TAG), in both the wholesale and retail channels.

“Blackhawk is a top-notch tire that’s priced competitively, offering a broad, wide-ranging assortment of sizes and tread designs to meet the needs of every consumer,” says Paul Alves, president and CEO of TAG. “Blackhawk continually invests in the quality and range of its offerings to keep pace with the ever-changing expectations of vehicle owners.

“We are excited to announce that more Blackhawk tires are in the works, including a new, ultra-high performance all-season tire, which will be available later in the year.

“We can’t wait to discuss this new product, which will feature many popular staggered fitment options, in the coming months,” says Alves.

The new Blackhawk Agility SUV and Blackhawk Ridgecrawler R/T further enhance Blackhawk’s complete range of passenger and light truck tires for every application, which includes the Ridgecrawler A/T, the Blackhawk HH11 all-season touring tire and the Blackhawk HU02 ultra-high performance radial.

The Blackhawk Ridgecrawler A/T is a premium, all-terrain tire engineered for pickup trucks and SUVs. Featuring enhanced, 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake-certified traction with deep tread depth, the Ridgecrawler A/T delivers superior performance in various on- and off-road driving conditions.

Other features of the Blackhawk Ridgecrawler A/T include an optimized pitch sequence through Finite Element Analysis simulation software, which reduces resonance effects, contributing to a serene vehicle cabin; 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification; deep all-terrain tread lugs; and staggered shoulder tread blocks.

Benefitting from a broad tread footprint and reinforced shoulder support, the tire also promotes uniform pressure distribution, preventing irregular wear and extending overall tread life.

Recognized for its consistent reliability, the Blackhawk Ridgecrawler A/T is a trusted all-terrain tire, providing a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

The Blackhawk HH11 all-season touring tire is engineered to deliver exceptional handling and all-season performance. It features four wide circumferential grooves to help channel water away quickly and efficiently, delivering excellent wet weather traction.

A modern, non-directional tread design provides superior road feel and handling, making the Blackhawk HH11 “the perfect everyday tire,” according to Blackhawk officials.

Other features of the Blackhawk HH11 include a modern, non-directional all-season tread design; a variable pitch tread design for low noise; a silica compound for superior wet traction and reduced rolling resistance; a jointless bead cover; and higher sidewall turnup, which provides improved sidewall strength and durability.

The Blackhawk HU02 is an ultra-high performance radial tire engineered for high-performance sport coupes and sedans. The HU02 features a variable pitch tread design that provides a smooth, quiet ride, while its advanced tread compound delivers superior cornering and exceptional handling.

Additional features of the Blackhawk HU02 include an asymmetrical tread pattern; an inside tread pattern designed for water evacuation, which enhances wet traction; an outside tread pattern designed with larger contact areas, which improves dry traction; a silica compound, which reduces heat and provides improved wet traction and braking and reduced rolling resistance; a jointless bead cover; a rim protector and more.

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