Atturo Releases New Tools on the Web

May 15, 2019

Atturo Tire Corp. has redesigned its website, giving consumers and tire dealers more tire data and images.

The new features:

Enhanced tire information: The detail pages for every Atturo tire model show real tire images for most aftermarket sizes, which helps dealers and consumers see the tread and sidewall and distinct look for every product in the lineup. There's also more tire performance and technology information available.

New tire search tool: Users can search for tires by size, type, application and vehicle. Using a configuration tool, shoppers and dealers can choose from more than 30 vehicle makes and models and compare replacement tire options, helping users find ways to personalize vehicles with unique looks.

Vehicle photo gallery: The website features a searchable photo gallery of vehicles outfitted in Atturo tires. Users can submit their own photos, too, so consumers can show off their customized vehicles and tire dealers can share their personalized projects, too.

Enhanced dealer locator: The dealer locator tool allows customers to find the nearest Atturo Tire dealer in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Atturo online dealers.

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