Goodyear Tests Intelligent Tires With Mobile Office Fleet

Oct. 31, 2019

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. has begun a pilot program with a Michigan-based startup to provide its fleet with intelligent tires to capture tire data.

Goodyear is working with Priva, a mobility company that provides mobile offices for workers on the go. Priva uses Mercedes vans to create a private, mobile office outfitted with high-speed Wi-Fi, large screen televisions, leather reclining chairs with leg rests, plus tray tables, cup holders and a refrigerator. It markets the vans as a "spacious, private and fully connected" conference room.

The intelligent tires contain sensors that capture tire data. The sensors allow Goodyear to gather data on the tires’ current state and then work with Priva to predict upcoming tire maintenance needs, reducing vehicle downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

“Fleets are looking to operate their vehicles as safely and efficiently as possible to meet the needs of their customers,” says Erin Spring, Goodyear director of new ventures. “Digital tire information helps enable this goal by providing proactive information, integrated with their service scheduling needs. Goodyear is pleased to work with innovative partners like Priva, which is focused on the future of transportation, today.”

Goodyear says the partnership with Priva is an example of its work focusing on the future of mobility.

“Predictive maintenance technologies are essential for the safety and reliability of future mobility systems," says Ryan Gee, Priva’s founder and CEO. "These technologies underpin commercial aviation and now must migrate into automotive applications. Goodyear’s intelligent tire system is an excellent example of how technology will make mobility safer for everyone, and our team at Priva is excited to collaborate with Goodyear on this endeavor.”