Pirelli supports soccer tournament in Russia

July 24, 2011

Pirelli Tyre will be the "institutional sponsor" of the Russia Football Cup in 2011-2012. All the teams in all the categories of the Russian Soccer Union -- from the premier league to non-professional clubs -- will square off in the tournament.

The winner of the Pirelli-Russian Football Cup will have the right to play in the European UEFA league.

Pirelli chose to sponsor the Russia Cup "to consolidate its brand awareness in a rapidly growing market," according to the company. Russia, where Pirelli has been present since 1985, "represents one of the areas in which the group's growth strategy is focused and where the group aims to have a direct industrial presence."

The sponsorship of the Russia Cup strengthens Pirelli's presence in the sport. Pirelli & Cie SpA also is the main sponsor of Internazionale Milano.

In motorsports, Pirelli is involved in more than 60 motorsport competitions worldwide. It is the sole supplier of tires to all the Formula One racing teams, and will be through 2013.

Pirelli Tyre is a subsidiary of Pirelli & Cie. For information about Pirelli's subsidiary in the United States, visit www.us.pirelli.com.

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