ASA labels its annual InfoExpo a success

Oct. 22, 2011

ASA Automotive Systems LLC (formerly ASA Tire Systems), says its 14th annual InfoExpo user conference was a success. The meeting of customers, partners and ASA staff was held recently in Atlanta, Ga.

How successful was it? Here are the numbers:

* more than 100 attendees;

* 30 sessions;

* 14 partner exhibits.

"This annual conference provides a valuable opportunity to share our strategies and product plans as well as gather feedback from our customers," says President Ken Halle.

"It is truly a collaborative venue that fosters important communication and ideas. It’s always great to meet with the attendees and hear about what they’ve learned -- it’s a four-day experience that delivers benefits year-round.”

A key focus for the ASA conference every year is to help tire dealers achieve "best practices" by aligning the right software systems with optimized workflows, across their business operations. Some of the seminar topics were  how to drive revenue and new business; inventory management, budgeting and cash flow; and leveraging business data for marketing.

Another highlights of the conference was the keynote speech by Dr. Roy Littlefield, executive vice president of the Tire Industry Association: "The Impact of the 2010 Elections on the Tire Industry." Major issues affected when Republicans gained control of the United States House of Representatives according to Littlefield include the National Energy Bill, National Highway Bill, Superfund, tort reform, Chinese tariffs, taxes, estate taxes, health care and scrap tires.

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