ASA's TireMaster Software Now Comes With Tiremetrix

April 16, 2018

ASA Automotive Systems Inc. has partnered with Tiremetrix LLC in an effort to make the tire registration process more efficient for tire dealers and automotive service providers.

The Tire Registration Plus software from Tiremetrix will be soon available to companies running ASA’s TireMaster software.

Dave Vogel, executive vice president of ASA and President of TireMaster, says the partnership will increase efficiency and mobility for TireMaster customers.

“Using Tire Registration Plus, our dealers will be able to easily capture tire registration data car-side and at the point-of-sale, and automatically transmit the information to the tire manufacturer, making compliance quick, convenient and accurate.”

The Tiremetrix data also will be immediately reflected in inventory reports as well as in customer, vehicle and sales records within TireMaster.

“Tire Registration Plus is the industry’s most advanced tire recall and electronic tire registration software,” says Joe Donehue, president of Tiremetrix. “Our platform is designed to help dealers overcome the challenges of complying with federal tire registration regulations, allowing them to focus on selling products and servicing cars.”

Tiremetrix offers all-brand registration and DOT number validation, and the software’s advanced reporting functionality will help dealers identify exactly which customers are affected by a recall in a matter of seconds, eliminating the inconvenience of over-recalling non-affected customers.

Donehue says, “Very simply, accurate registration records in the hands of tire manufacturers should lead to higher tire recall recovery rates and safer roads for all.”

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