Hankook Wins Social Responsibility Award

July 18, 2018

Hankook Tire Co. Ltd. was honored by Groupe Renault with the Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

Renault hosts a ceremony each year and presents supplier awards to its global partners, recognizing the company's most notable value. This year, it awarded 12 enterprises in five categories: best service, design, innovation, purchasing sustainability, and quality.

Hankook was named an outstanding company in the purchasing sustainability sector. This sector is evaluated on a wide range of factors that are related to corporate social responsibility, including the environment, health and safety, human rights and ethics management, actions against climate, etc.

Specifically Hankook received the highest score in social contribution, and was recognized for its global commitment in sustainable management.

“Hankook Tire will continue to form strategic partnerships with global automotive manufacturers based on global top tier technology and continuous innovation,” says Hyun Jun Cho, head of the company's original equipment division. “Furthermore, we will consistently enhance efforts to resolve environmental and social issues as a sustainability management business.”

In addition to the partnership with Groupe Renault, Hankook Tire is currently supplying OE tires to approximately 310 models of 45 global vehicle brands.

For more information on Hankook, visit www.hankooktire.com/global.