ZC Rubber Hosted 250 Tire Dealers in the Philippines

Sept. 25, 2018

Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd. (ZC Rubber) hosted more than 250 tire dealers during its 2018 dealer conference in the Philippines.

The company says in 2017 it recorded more than $3.6 billion in revenue, up 22%.

Ge Guorong, vice president of ZC Rubber, said that the company's success is due to its singular focus on tires, which it says will help it continue to grow and improve in the future.

In his remarks at the conference, Ge Guorong said the company can break down its development into three phases. The first was to meet demand, and the second was to increase market share and maintain position in the market.  “After 60-year development, nowadays we are in the third stage to practice our ongoing commitment to innovation and technology, and meet the individual demands of global customers for their target products.” 

ZC Rubber says it will focus on both wholesale and retail store expansion.

In the last year, ZC Rubber supplied 17 million tires and 32.51 million passenger and light truck tires. “We devote ourselves to achieve new record in 2018 on TBR and PCR together with global dealers and customers in both replacement market and OE market. The products and service we supply focus on the value, safety, function and convenience for global customers.”

In the future, ZC Rubber will explore the market with Marketing New Century City Corp. , a long-term cooperator of the Westlake tire brand in the Philippines. The company expects that partnership will help it improve sales in the area, and also "expand the product portfolio, approach more key accounts, and try the mobile service."