TGI Expands Cosmo Tires Brand With 3 New Offerings

April 20, 2020

Tire Group International LLC (TGI) has added three lines to the Cosmo Tires brand to fit the growing demand for CUV and SUV tires, including an all-weather product. The Cosmo El Jefe HT is a premium crossover/SUV tire designed for comfort, but without sacrificing performance. The El Jefe HT is available in 15 SKUs from 15 to 20-inch diameters and is rated M+S/All-Season. The El Jefe HT also includes a free road hazard warranty and a 55,000-mile warranty.

The Cosmo El Tigre AT all-weather rated with the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. It's designed for premium light truck, SUV and CUV fitments. The tire performs on both wet and dry roads and provides all terrain grip when needed. It's engineered with comfort and low noise characteristics, and the 22 available SKUs fit 15- to 20-inch wheels. The El Tigre AT comes with a 55,000-mile warranty.

The Cosmo TigerTail is a European inspired high-performance SUV/CUV touring tire engineered to deliver high speed stability and precise handling in both wet and dry conditions. It's available in nine SKUs for 16- to 22- inch wheels. The all-season TigerTail comes with a free road hazard warranty.

All 3 tire lines are manufactured using Cosmo's Ultimate Tire Technology (UTT) which includes a Bead Reinforcement System (BRS), New Structure Technology (NST), Directed Super Silica (DSS) compounding and Optimum Performance Design (OPD).

TGI says it will continue to expand the Cosmo Tires product lineup, with a focus on the independent tire dealer's need for quality tires that provide value to the consumer and a higher profit opportunity to the dealer.

“Here, at Cosmo, we strive to make the tire-buying experience memorable and rewarding for both the dealer and consumer," says Rick Wheeler, vice president of national sales. "Our innovative marketing approach based on our understanding of what todays consumer wants in a tire and our focus on the shifting US market demographics is paying dividends. Cosmo delivers value in every sense of the word without compromising quality and performance. These new models are the perfect addition to our current product portfolio.”

Cosmo Tires is TGI's oldest private label brand, with products for a wide assortment of industry applications that date back to 1994. The company expanded its product offering in 2017 with a second-generation passenger tire and truck bus radial tire lineup that includes over 250 SKUs backed by the Cosmo Tires Warranty Suite program.