Pirelli R&D Is Testing Tires at 310 mph

March 28, 2023

The research and development department at Pirelli & Cie SpA has installed a new machine that’s capable of testing tires at speeds up to 500 kph — or 310 mph — in controlled conditions.

Pirelli says use of the High Speed Testing Machine will add to the safety of tires on the world’s fastest cars.

“With the arrival of road-going hypercars that are becoming increasingly faster, thanks also to the increased sophistication of the latest electric powerplants, high speeds have become a key factor in the development of different types of tire: not just those used specifically for motorsport, but also those destined for road use,” Pirelli says.

The 500 kph testing machine sits alongside two other machines in Pirelli’s headquarters already capable of testing at 370 kph and 450 kph respectively. attempts.

Pirelli is the supplier for more than 350 motorsport events. The tiremaker says the 500 kph testing machine can also manage “extremely high torque and acceleration inputs.”

“The functionality of the High Speed Testing Machine has been designed to evaluate the behavior of tires at high speed and to guarantee reliability when it comes to the next stage of outdoor testing,” Pirelli says.

The machine can simulate the conditions of straights and corners on tracks, but also conditions “that are even more severe than those found in reality. All this in order to ensure the integrity of the tire over a wide range of usage conditions, with an ample margin of safety.”