Topdon to Give Away 3,000 Scan Tools at SEMA Show

Oct. 27, 2023

Topdon says it will distribute a total of 3,000 of its TopScan Pro scan tools during the SEMA Show, on a first-come, first-served basis.

"This initiative underscores Topdon's commitment to revolutionizing automotive diagnostics and empowering technicians worldwide." note company officials, who note that distribution is subject to eligibility, which attendees can check by visiting Topdon's booth (No. 38221) in the South Hall of the Las Vegas (Nev.) Convention Center.

"Attendees will be asked to complete a brief two-minute survey, and if qualified, they will be presented with a complimentary TopScan Pro right at the booth."

The TopScan Pro is a compact, portable device that seamlessly transforms a smartphone into a high-performance scan tool, enabling users to delve beyond basic diagnostics, according to Topdon officials.

"By connecting the TopScan to the OBD II port, users can initiate comprehensive vehicle assessments through the tool's user-friendly app. This advanced diagnostic tool excels at fundamental tasks. such as reading and clearing fault codes.

"It boasts compatibility with over 70 vehicle makes from American, Asian, and European manufacturers."

The tool provides access to eight maintenance services, AutoVIN technology and vehicle performance testing and offers bidirectional control via the connected phone.

"Additionally, users can benefit from a full-system DTC Repair Guide and one-click I/M Readiness."

The TopScan is available in two versions: Lite and Pro.

"The TopScan Pro elevates the experience by offering IMMO functionality and a total of 13 reset functions, including injector coding, tire pressure reset and sunroof Initialization."