Pirelli Brings TireClub+ to U.S. Market

Nov. 6, 2023

TireClub+, Pirelli & Cie SpA's recently revised B2B tire sales platform, is now available in the United States.

"The latest version of TireClub+ makes ordering easier and checking which tires are available faster and more intuitive, thanks to new filters that simplify search results," say Pirelli officials.

"Along with the list of researched products, the platform indicates the products that are currently available and in which quantities, where they are at, and how much they cost – flagging up any promotions that are on offer, too.

"A new tracking system has been additionally introduced to monitor delivery status in real time, along with more accurate delivery dates and an individual order log that goes back 18 months."

The portal includes information about product launches, sales campaigns and other initiatives.

Pirelli product information can be quickly obtained via detailed specification sheets, test results and other engaging multimedia content.