TIA Announces Last ATS Certification Class of 2023

Nov. 28, 2023

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) announces its final Certified Advanced Automotive Tire Serice (ATS) Instructor training class for 2023 will take place Dec. 12-15 in Baltimore, Md.  

Tire techs who complete the four-day, in-person course and pass the Certified ATS exam will be certified as Advanced ATD Instructors allowing them to train and certify ATS instructors and technicians in the field.  

The class is a 400-level certification program that provides comprehensive instruction on the recommended procedures for servicing passenger and light truck tires. 

Course tuition is $950, and certification is valid for two years, at which time instructors will receive a notification from TIA that it is time to recertify.  

ATS Instructor certification includes a TIA Certified ATS Manual; a TIA Certified ATS Instructor certificate; and 13 TIA Certified ATS Instructor uniform patches.  

Click here to register for the training.  

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