Latin Tyre & Auto Parts Expo Announces 2024 Conference Speakers

April 2, 2024

The Latin Tyre & Auto Parts Expo has announced that tire industry experts will discuss digital solutions, tire safety, online sales impact and more at the event. 

The exhibition takes place July 31-Aug. 2 and will feature almost 600 exhibitors and thousands of buyers from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  

The keynote speaker is Eduardo Minardi, board member of Dynamon, a provider of AI tools to help commercial transport fleets. Minardi will focus on digital solutions within the tire business. 

Jose Moreno, tire service training manager for the Tire Industry Association, will discuss tire safety.  

A panel session will also be held during the conference with three keynote speakers. Panelists include Gaston Zelerteins, CEO of Alephee, who will talk about the impact of online tire sales; Matias Borges, managing director of Bravo Digital Solutions LLC, who will be talking about The Digital Retail Store; and Keith Ferry, founder and CEO of Cerebrum Sensor Technologies, talking about advancements in intelligent tire sensing.  

Other guest speakers include David Stevens, CEO of the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau; Lokesh Raina, executive director of Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India; Evarista Garcia, CEO and founder of Integrate Data Facts (IDF); and Alejandro Hernandez Marquez, director of operations for Walker Mexico, Walker Products Inc.