The Most Comprehensive Resource to Help Tire Dealers Grow

Aug. 17, 2021

Modern Tire Dealer and its parent company, 10 Missions Media, are proud to announce the latest offering to help tire dealer owners grow their businesses and achieve long-term sustainability. 

Introducing the Training and Education Network (TEN), the most progressive and comprehensive resource offering tire dealers the solutions, connections and training needed to reach their goals. TEN (formerly DSP 20 Group) offers dealers placement in a carefully selected peer group; one-to-one coaching with industry experts; monthly financial reporting and analysis; benchmarking of financial performance against industry peers; and much more. TEN members will find themselves among a group of like-minded, progressive shop operators and surrounded by guidance to achieve the highest-performing version of their shops. 

Founded as an independent resource, the sole mission of TEN is “to educate, connect, motivate and inspire tire dealers in order to improve their businesses, their lives and the lives of those around them.” The focus of this offering is to ensure members gain the information, resources and solutions needed to succeed. Alongside group meetings and individual coaching, TEN will offer exclusive content written, recorded and distributed for members only. Among this content includes training videos on leadership and key business functions, proprietary SOPs, customizable templates and more. 

All these resources are proven to create real results for members. On average, TEN members experience an increase in net profit margin to 10 percent or more through financial review and implementation of best practices. Consider the ROI through this example: Industry data indicates that the industry average for a full service auto care facility is a net profit between 6 and 8 percent. Using a middle ground of 7 percent net profit margin for an “average-sized” tire dealer of $800,000 in annual revenue, an improvement to just the minimum 10 percent threshold is an additional $24,000 in net profit. Accounting for the total, all-in cost for membership (roughly $4,800 per year), that operator added $19,200 to his or her bottom line—in one year.

Learn more about TEN and apply to join today, visit