Hankook Wins OE Fitment on New Audi EV

June 15, 2021

Audi has selected the Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3 ev tire for its Audi e-tron GT electric vehicle. 

"The development of an e-tire is particularly complex," says Moonhwa Hong, vice president of Hankook's OE development department.

"Therefore, it is now paying off that we expanded research in this area early. Our company is now represented on several premium models in the electric sports car segment, including the Audi e-tron GT, and has established a very good position in this segment overall."

The Ventus S1 evo 3 ev will help reduce noise levels by "approximately three decibels," according to Hankook officials.

"This is important, as engine noise in electric vehicles is omitted, so road and tire noise inside the vehicle is perceived as louder.

"In addition, in order to cope with the high stresses caused by the high performance of electric sports cars, the tire is reinforced with so-called bead-packing technology, as well as a high lateral stiffness for particularly precise handling even at high speeds.

"In addition to supporting sporty characteristics, Hankook's EV tire is also an important component for comfort, as Grand Turismos like the Audi e-tron GT are designed to enable comfortable travel even on long journeys."

 "Our tire has to bring the very high drive power of the Audi e-tron GT to the road and at the same time, deliver the low rolling resistance that is a key factor in electric vehicles for high efficiency and range," says Jeongho Park, executive vice president and director of Hankook's OE division, “We can be proud of the result."