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Trelleborg launches Interfit dealer network in U.S.

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Trelleborg launches Interfit dealer network in U.S.

The Trelleborg Wheel Systems unit of Trelleborg Group has launched its Interfit service network in the U.S., bringing marketing, commercial and technical support as well as a rewards program to industrial tire dealers.

Trelleborg says Interfit, which already operates in Europe, is America’s first nationwide industrial tire fitting network.

Bringing Trelleborg’s service brand to America, which is the world’s second largest forklift market and second largest industrial tire market, is incredibly important to the company, according to James Pick, communications director for Trelleborg in the United Kingdom.

“Trelleborg is a clear market leader in the USA with a substantial market share with the industrial tire market. We’ve got a very large network of premium dealers in all 48 continental states.”  He says integrating dealers within Trelleborg’s branded service network would allow them develop and grow.

“As a large international group, we’ve got a huge amount of resources behind us. We believe by combining premium products with premium dealers and a premium service concept we can deliver a huge amount of value into the American market.”

He says the ability for national and international businesses with multiple locations to know they can get the same excellent level of service and same quality of product in every corner of America is important to them.

“That’s the value we bring on a national basis.” But Trelleborg realizes that local business is a dealer’s bread and butter, according to Pick. “It’s his day-to-day business and we don’t want to take that away. What we want to do is enhance and help him grow the business.”

Trelleborg is recruiting dealers for the Interfit program. Pick says benefits of joining include the use of the Interfit brand, which is “an internationally recognized servicing brand within the forklift world.”

In addition to receiving marketing, technical and commercial support, Interfit dealers have free access to a global IT platform. Pick says dealers can manage their business, plan their workload, and schedule their fitting work through the IT platform.

The Interfit program also includes an affinity program to reward dealers for business growth. The company says as dealers progress up the program they receive additional benefits, including enhanced support and commissions.

Trellebog piloted the Interfit program with three U.S. dealers and is is now in the recruitment phase. “We are looking for the right partners to join Interfit," says Jason Canning, program manager.

“If you are an industrial tire servicing dealer and you want to grow your business, then we want to hear from you. We believe that Interfit will set the standard for tire servicing in the U.S., and that means that the dealers who share our passion for excellence no matter how large they are or where they are, will be the people who will really succeed in this program.”

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