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General Brand is 100 Years Old!

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General Brand is 100 Years Old!

What better way to celebrate your 100th anniversary than to bring your top tire dealers to Las Vegas for a four-day, event filled weekend? That’s what Continental Tire the Americas LLC did recently in honor of the General brand.

After years of little innovation following its purchase by Continental in 1987, the brand was revitalized beginning in 2006. First, new products were introduced (the entire product line was turned over by 2012). Renewed short track and off-road racing sponsorships also helped bring the brand back into prominence.

Appropriately, the 147 dealers in attendance were treated to Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series races on Sept. 19, 10 days before the brand’s birthday.

For the rest of this year, the brand’s tagline will be “100 years of adventure.” After this year, it will go back to “Anywhere is possible.”

Continental CEO Jochen Etzel said it best with a toast to the dealers in attendance: “To 100 more years of continued success of the General tire brand around the world.”

William F. O’Neil and Winfred Fouse founded General Tire & Rubber Co. in Akron, Ohio.   ?


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