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Sailun launches second generation of Atrezzo, Terramax lines

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Sailun launches second generation of Atrezzo, Terramax lines

With the help of TBC Corp., Sailun Tire Corp. is positioning itself as a premier Tier Three tire company in the United States.

As part of that initiative, the companies will be offering a new Sailun Atrezzo passenger tire and more sizes in the Terramax light truck tire line. They also have launched a new tagline, “With you through every turn.”

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TBC is the exclusive supplier of Sailun tires in the U.S. The companies recently held a ride-and-drive event for dealers at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Fla., to review the products.

The companies now offer Sailun’s Atrezzo Z4+AS all-season high-performance tire in 21 sizes from 205/55R16 91W to 255/35R20 97W.

Other tires in the Atrezzo passenger tire line include the SH402 all-season performance tire in 37 sizes from 175/70R13 82T to 245/50R16 97H, the Touring LS all-season performance tire in 25 sizes from 195/70R14 91T to 225/55R17 97T and the ZS-R UHP tire in 24 sizes from 195/45R15 SL to 245/45R18 RF.

The Atrezzo light truck tire line now includes the SVR LX high performance SUV tire in 15 sizes from 275/40R20 XL to 295/40R24 XL, the Terramax CVR all-season luxury/CUV/SUV tire in 18 sizes from 205/70R15 SL to 255/50R20 XL, the Terramax H/T all-season LT/SUV tire in 22 sizes from 215/75R15 SL to LT265/70R17 10 and the Terramax A/T on-/off-road LT/SUV tire in 20 sizes from 235/75R15 XL to LT285/70R17 8.

TBC officials said the company is consistently updating its product offerings to ensure its dealers have access to quality products at competitive prices.

“We have an extended workmanship and material warranty for a five-year period across the life of the tire,” said John Vance, senior director product marketing, TBC Wholesale.

“That’s the same type of workmanship and material warranty that we have from the Tier One manufacturers.”

As part of the second generation of Sailun products, the companies are offering warranty enhancements that include extended mileage, and tire performance programs that include a road hazard warranty and roadside assistance.

According to Brian Mielko, vice president of marketing for Sailun, the company stands out as one of the premier Tier Three tire companies in America and is committed to delivering a quality “value” brand to consumers.

“Like most leading tire brands available in North America, Sailun also manufactures in China,” said Mielko. “It is important to remember that quality has nothing to do with country of origin, but everything to do with the technology in the factory of origin. Sailun’s manufacturing facilities use state-of-the-art building machines which produce a finished product that rivals the industry’s largest manufacturers.”

Mielko said Sailun sells more than 30 million tires a year in 50-plus countries. The company’s reach extends to six continents, and it has five corporate offices across the globe.

“I consider our tires to be part of the ‘value tier,’” said Mielko. There are dozens of brands in this tier that offer consumers performance and value, he noted. “My goal is to show that our tires perform as well as a major brand at a fraction of the cost. The average consumer gets more than what he needs out of our tires, and he does not have to spend a lot.”

“TBC Wholesale is the largest marketer in North America of proprietary or private brand products,” said Vance. “When we took on the marketing and distribution of the Sailun brand a few years ago, we knew we found a product and a partner that could continue our legacy of confidence, quality and performance.”    ■

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