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Hercules releases two LT/SUV tires

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Hercules releases two LT/SUV tires

Same category, different targeted markets. That describes Hercules Tire & Rubber Co.’s two new all-terrain light truck, SUV tires.

The Hercules Terra Trac AT II is a premium tire that offers long wear and a quiet, stable ride, while the Hercules Terra Trac R/S is built for rough conditions, tough commercial applications and on- and off-road all-season performance.

Hercules Terra Trac AT II

Hercules Terra Trac AT II offers optimum traction and wear-resistance, a quiet, comfortable ride and comes with a 60,000-mile limited warranty with road hazard protection and Hercules’ 30-day “Trust Our Ride” test drive.

It is the successor to the company’s popular Terra Trac A/T. The Terra Trac AT II has 29% more siping, Hercules’ new silica-infused AT-C all-terrain compound, increased stability and a new aggressive tread and sidewall design, the company says.

Through independent testing, the Terra Trac AT II out-performed its predecessor and other popular all-terrain offerings in dry handling, dry braking, wet handling and wet braking tests.

“The Terra Trac AT II isn’t just a better tire — it’s an all new tire developed using everything we’ve learned over 10 successful years with the Terra Trac A/T,” says Joshua Simpson, Hercules vice president of marketing .

The tire’s premium design, construction and compounding offers:

• Optimum traction due to the company’s new compound, more siping, tusk grooves, stone ejection features and extensive biting edges.

• Even wear-resistance and longevity is delivered by beveled and rounded tread blocks, a built-up buttress, AT-C compound and deeper siping.

• Noise reduction attributed to an intelligent tread design that breaks sound paths and spreads sound energy over a broad range of frequencies.

• Greater stability that results from tied tread blocks, EKG siping and a mold profile shape that creates a more stable contact patch.

“Consumers want — expect, really —  high performance with great value,” says Simpson. “The Hercules Terra Trac AT II gives our dealers an edge by enabling them to offer exactly that — a quality tire that offers enormous value and delivers security, longevity, control, quiet and stability.”

The Hercules Terra Trac AT II is available in 46 SKUs comprised of SUV and LT sizes, bringing the company’s coverage of the premium, all-terrain replacement segment to nearly 90%.

Hercules Terra Trac R/S

Previewed at the 2012 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show last fall, the Hercules Terra Trac R/S (rugged service) is now available in 10 LT/SUV fitments, with three-ply tread and/or three-ply sidewall construction in select sizes.

The heavy-duty construction of the Hercules Terra Trac R/S provides puncture and impact resistance, making it a good choice for work trucks in the agricultural, construction and mining industries, as well as light trucks and SUVs  dedicated to recreational use where heavy wilderness trekking is involved, the company says.

Simpson notes, “The Hercules Terra Trac R/S is an ideal tire for on- and off-road use. It’s exceptionally sturdy and it’s built to last — even in severe conditions. And dealers who have a history with our Terra Trac offerings will find the Terra Trac R/S an excellent addition to the line-up and a great value to offer their customers.”

The new Terra Trac R/S features:

• A wide footprint that provides for uniform wear and stability even in tough maneuvers.

• A tough tread compound that delivers rugged, versatile, all-surface performance.

• Key fitments that include three-ply sidewall construction to protect against sidewall impact.

• Low-void shoulder for more contact and an aggressive grip.

• An M+S rating.

“The Terra Trac R/S is a perfect addition to our light truck lineup, because it offers true all-terrain performance with the toughness to handle demanding rural and job site applications,” says Simpson.    ■

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