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How much has pricing changed in 83 years?

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How much has pricing changed in 83 years?

Eight million people were driving Model T Ford's in 1928. So it's not surprising that an enterprising retail repair shop back in the day sent out flyers trying to drum up business.

An automotive repair advertisement from June of 1928 has been making the rounds on the Internet and through e-mails. As you might expect, the prices were eye-opening. Interestingly, tire prices were kind of high.

And the changes in technology are readily apparent when you read the services being advertised.

Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich compared the prices in his latest blog. To check out his findings, click on "How do automotive service costs in 1928 compare to today? Get ready to cry."

"The advertisement was a pretty amazing look at a point in time none of us in the tire industry can remember," he writes. Is he correct? Is there anyone still working in our industry who remembers automotive service in 1928? If so -- or if you just want to vent -- please leave a comment!

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