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Our e-mail is down, so please bear with us

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Modern Tire Dealer as been having major problems with its e-mail system for the last week or so. To us, it seems like it has been forever.

So, if you have wondered why we haven't responded to your e-mail, it may be because.

1. We never received it.

2. It's hard to find.

3. We can't get into our e-mail system.

Our phones have been fine, fortunately. But to all of you who are waiting for a response to an e-mail, our apologies. I assure you that our home office is doing everything in its power to get the system back online.

(If you think we're going crazy, imagine how this is affecting the people in our IT department. We won't even call them.)

And as soon as the e-mail difficulties have been eliminated, we will let you know. Just check out regularly.

In the meantime, call us at 330-899-2200. And for a better understanding of how our lack of e-mail has affected the staff at MTD, check out my latest B.O.B. blog: "When your e-mail is down, don't forget to phone it in."

What are your thoughts about e-mail and social media? Read the blog, then let me know what you think by leaving a comment! -- Bob Ulrich

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