Independent lab says Fix-A-Flat tire sealant works with TPMS sensors

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Shell Lubricants is marketing its Fix-A-Flat tire inflator as "tire sensor safe."

Mickey Burnett, senior brand manager for consumer products for Shell's Automotive/Consumer Products Group, says the non-flammable, proprietary formulation hasn't changed. However, an independent, third-party laboratory recently tested the use of Fix-A-Flat with both valve stem-mounted and banded tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors.

The Texas-based lab's conclusion was that Fix-A-Flat "does not interfere with the function of (TPMS sensors) located inside the tire."

A small percentage of banded TPMS sensors may be affected by the sealant, but can be easily cleaned for proper function, says Burnett.

Fix-A-Flat is designed to create a temporary, emergency seal on contact with a tire puncture. It inflates a tire to between eight and 14 psi until the tire can be driven to a repair facility and filled with air.

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