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Autopromotec, Day Four: Remanufactured products

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Autopromotec, Day Four: Remanufactured products

At the recent Autopromotec show in Bologna, Italy, AutopromotecEDU hosted Italy’s first conference on remanufacturing, titled "Excellence in material recycling and the industrial remanufacturing cycle.”

One of the conference speakers, Fernand Weiland, president of APRA Europe (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association), said that while the European remanufacturing market has not yet matched its American counterpart, it is expanding very significantly, and he outlined why.

1. Remanufactured components are less expensive than brand new ones, and are, therefore, the best choice for car and industrial vehicle maintenance because they guarantee the same performance as new replacement parts.

2. Remanufactured components also are more environmentally friendly.

3. There are many components that can be remanufactured, among them starters and alternators, power steering systems, petrol and diesel injection systems, electronic components, complete engines, turbochargers, brake callipers, drive shafts, clutches and A/C compressors.

According to Stefano Carloni, president of AIRP (Italian Tyre Retreaders Association), the culture of single-use objects is being replaced by a new awareness of the need to use resources responsibly. In this context, the remanufacturing industry has a crucial role to play, particularly during the current economic crisis.

Remanufacturing is a strategic opportunity for the tire market, as it offers consumers the possibility to purchase retreaded tires that are environmentally friendly, safe and less expensive.

The conference ended with presentations by Rossella Risso and Marco Franza, Fiat Industrial Parts & Service marketing director EMEA and business development EMEA, respectively. Both speakers explained the reasons that led their company to believe and invest in remanufactured components. They included customer satisfaction, the safeguard of the environment and the reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The 25th edition of Autopromotec, the nickname for the International Biennal Exhibition of Automotive Equipment and Aftermarket Products, ran from May 22-26, 2013, in Bologna. Attendance was expected to exceed 100,000 buyers, one-fifth of them international buyers.

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