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Another TV station 'reports' on tire aging

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The hidden cameras didn't find a problem, but WSFA Channel 12 out of Montgomery, Ala., made the most of its search for "old" new tires.

The television station was addressing the issue of tire aging -- with the help of a law firm --  and came up empty, sort of. They found some unused tires that had been manufactured three years ago.

But that didn't prevent a bit of sensationalism on its part.

"And when it comes to our hidden camera investigation, remember that many shops keep their tires in the back and out of the view of our cameras," wrote WSFA reporter Mark Bullock on the company's website.

What else was said about tire aging? Was the report truthful? According to Modern Tire Dealer Editor Bob Ulrich, some of it was. And some of it wasn't.

To find out what Ulrich really thought about the investigative reporting, check out his latest blog, "Once again, the fear of tire aging is used to pump up ratings."

Read the blog. Then let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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