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Universal Lubricants has green option for oil

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Universal Lubricants has green option for oil

April is National Car Care Month, and Universal Lubricants is reminding motorists scheduling springtime vehicle maintenance about the benefits of re-refined motor oil.

The manufacturer and distributor of the Eco Ultra line of sustainable lubricants is asking motorists, service professionals and fleet owners to “think green” and protect the environment, improve engine performance and save money by using motor oils made from re-refined base oil. 

“Engine oils get old and need to be replaced with fresh, new oil. What many motorists don’t know is that it’s the additives that get old. The base oil never wears out and can be recovered, processed and re-refined into high quality base oil in an infinitely repeatable, sustainable cycle,” says Mike Wyant, technical services manager for Universal Lubricants.

“This ‘green’ base oil is then blended with high performance additives to create finished, high-quality lubricants for consumer and commercial vehicles. Motorists and fleet owners who choose environmentally-friendly lubricants like Eco Ultra synthetic blend engine oils during National Car Care Month can make a good practice even better.”

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