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KYB Ride Control Kit has digital library

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KYB Ride Control Kit has digital library

The latest KYB Certified Ride Control Center Kit from KYB Americas Corp. for automotive service providers helps make it easier to evaluate vehicle control conditions. It also has tools to communicate those conditions to the motorist accurately via new HD graphic animation technologies and training aids

In addition to POP materials, the new kit integrates some QR code and graphic animation technology, most of which are available on the new KYB Digital Media Library. The new multi-media KYB Digital Media Library contains HD computer graphic animations designed to help the motorist understand what ride control does and how wear affects designed vehicle performance.

The library includes a 15-minute training video that can show the shop how to earn more shock and strut sales, and how to keep their customer in designed vehicle control. Participating service providers will also receive quarterly e-tips, updates and training via a dedicated channel within KYB.

As a reward for completing KYB training and passing an on line quiz, KYB Certified Ride Control Center Kit purchasers can also get up to $100 dollars in rebates.

“Investing in the service provider’s success is a KYB top priority.” says KYB’s director of marketing and training Mac McGovern.

“Our Stability Control & Sales Training is acclaimed best in the industry. This new KYB Certified Ride Control Center Kit is affordable and exactly what they need to take advantage of the latest graphic animation, mobile technology marketing & in shop training tools.”

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