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Bridgestone launches 3 farm tires

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Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations LLC has launched three farm tires.

Designed for distinct agricultural uses, the Firestone-brand farm tires are made with the company’s AD2 technology and reduce soil compaction.

1. Destination farm radial implement tires, available in IF- and VF- designations, feature:

* increased load carrying capacity at a lower pressure than standard equivalent-sized bias and radial tires;

* steel belts for improved resistance of stubble penetration, compared to bias implement tires.

2. Radial All Traction RC tires for high-capacity, self-propelled sprayers are rated up to 40 mph and feature:

* IF- and VF- designations that can carry more load at the same pressure or the same load at a lower pressure, resulting in a larger footprint and reduced soil compaction; and

* 20% deeper R-1W tread bars than industry standard vs. R1 tread depth for longer wear and added performance in wet soils.

3. Cyclical Field Operation Harvest tires accommodate the loads of harvesting equipment with reduced ground pressure. Features include:

* improved traction and added fuel savings due to less time in the field; and

* improved ride with increased sidewall deflection.

Firestone farm tires are made by Bridgestone Agricultural Tire U.S. & Canada Commercial Tire Sales, a division of Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations. To learn more visit

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