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TCI added 40 warehouses in 2008

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Tire Centers LLC (TCI) added 40 warehouses in 2008, giving the Michelin North America Inc.-owned company more than 70 distribution centers in 77 markets throughout the United States.

"We can get to about 95% of the U.S. market out of our distribution centers now," a TCI executive recently told, including major cities like New York and Houston, Texas.

All of the new warehouses were new builds. "We tried to justify (the investment) on the incremental volume we feel we can pick up in new markets.

"In Texas, we had one center in Dallas; now we have six," he continues. "In Sacramento, we had one location; we now have six. In Florida, we had one in Tampa and one in Miami; we now have six in Florida. We've filled in all the major markets across the U.S. It was a huge step for us."

TCI's T3 dealer program has more than 1,000 points of sale.


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