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New site lets you sell excess inventory online

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New site lets you sell excess inventory online

The name says it all: The purpose of the new website is even more direct.

"We help independent tire dealers sell their inventory online," says CEO George Silagadze. "There are no requirements, no fees. It's commission-based, so you don't lose anything. The deposit that user pays online to secure the order is, in effect, our commission." also sends its member dealers tire search reports to help them decide what inventory to upload.

"There is no need to spend marketing dollars over a long period of time to get traction online. We take all those things out of the equation."

Minimal steps are required to register.

1. Sign up.

2. Confirm you are a legitmate tire dealer with at least one location.

3. Upload all or part of your inventory on the website. That includes used tires.

According to Silagadze, dealers only need to keep their inventory up to date "because we are not connected live to their inventory." All tire searches by the consumer are localized.

There also is a "big-picture" benefit, he says. " helps dealers compete with mass merchandisers that are rapidly encroaching on their territories."

The end user can search for tires by size of vehicle in combination with their location.

"We search through aggregated inventory from participating dealers and show the user an anonymous list of tires," says Silagadze. "When the order is processed, the user is given the dealer's info and asked to call them to schedule an installation.

"At the same time, the dealer receives an email with the new order details. The balance due is paid to the dealer when installation is complete by the buyer. In this way, the dealer does not need to change his billing practices or order tracking."

For more information, check out the's frequently asked questions page. To see how it works from the tire buyer's perspective, visit the company's website at

You also can see the company's ad on any Modern Tire Dealer's breaking news jump pages -- including this one!

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