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Has selling tires changed in the last 93 years?

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Selling tires is a two-part process. First, you must have a good product to sell. Second, you must understand the principles of salesmanship to sell them to consumers.

Modern Tire Dealer has understood this concept for years. In the November, 1919, edition of MTD’s predecessor Tires, we featured an article titled “Fourteen Points of Salesmanship.”

World War I had just ended the year before, nuclear energy was science fiction and tires were manufactured in Akron, Ohio. Modern compounds and design features had yet to enter the scene. But, the art of selling was well-established.

MTD Senior Editor Bob Bissler takes a look at the “Fourteen Points of Salesmanship" in his latest blog. You may be surprised what’s on the list. You may also be surprised at how much the list still applies today.

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